An Ancient Voice


      the ancient one –

                   I pretend her old stories

   are brand new


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ‘ancient voices’



15 thoughts on “An Ancient Voice

  1. I love this. I adored my grandmother and I always did this with her. As she got older many people stopped listening to her but we shared a respect for each other. Still miss her!


    • For me, it is my mother. Tragically, she is losing many of her stories too. Each week she remembers less than the week before. Painful process for both of us. The only way to survive, is to be in the present moment.



      • Have you considered recording some of them? Even the recorder on most smart phones would work. I do personal history work and I know how valuable these can be to people later. My thoughts are with you. This is very difficult indeed.


        • I have never recorded her voice but I do write her stories down. I think she would be intimidated by the recorder. She is very stubborn about certain things! Thank you for the idea though. Perhaps I” try it.



  2. Wabi – as you know, this is very real to me to, I love it and relate to it.
    WOuld you mind if I shared it on my Dementia Journeys blog and FB page with a link back here?


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