18 thoughts on “Red

  1. I love this! What a great picture I see in my head. I get to pick the road you’re driving down, when you’re driving it and where you’re going. How cool!



  2. this must be the happiest summer haiku i have ever read! my first car, a sweet little sky blue rag top Volkswagen! i purchased it from the original owners who were hard pressed to part with it, but were moving and wanted to make the long trip “back to the country” with only one vehicle and they choose the truck. lucky me; $500 for that perfect ride. living in Encinitas sun and sea were my constant companions!
    thanks for the burst of sunshine your haiku endeared to me.


  3. I’m leaving on a road trip today… alas, not in a rag top, but your haiku has perfectly set the mood for my journey! I can feel the carefree ocean breeze whipping through my hair and the kiss of the sun upon my cheeks, coming along for the ride! Thank you for this blessing and your sweet haiku!


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