an ocean breeze

woven through the years

carries her

 to one last poem

before august brain


already cerebral cells

dwelling on an atlantic beach

begin to doze, dreaming

 (of) soft white clouds –

drenching the summer sky

with daydreams

 and the barrier beach –

scarce plovers revisiting

a summer home

eroded shoreline

her resolve

slipping away

only vegetation 

rooted in the dunes –

hangs on

 the entertainment –

a gang of crows chasing

 a kestrel

and still the ocean breeze

woven through the years

carries her


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For The Sunday Whirl ” wordle # 119

NaHaiWriMo ‘drench”

For Poets United ‘pantry # 160’





24 thoughts on “Home

  1. I like how the poem goes full circle from first to last stanza. And I liked thinking of the concept of ‘august brain.’ I think I am afflicted. Very nice.


  2. Such a dreamy poem, I felt like I was flying with the kestrel, loved the gang of crows in pursuit…..LOVE your closing stanza – it totally resonates with me……


  3. I really like the three-line stanzas but found the asterisk between each one kind of broke my reading rhythm. You descriptions are lovely and I would have liked to enjoy the flow from one to the next.


    • I watched these crows gang up on the kestrel to chase it away from their nest. But then they continued to harass it , chasing it for about a mile before letting up! A gang indeed!



  4. on into fall, and summers remembered. This is beautiful. Crows will gang up on anything. Theirs is a call I’ve mastered. If they ever come after me, I’ll be screaming at them in their own language. ha!


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