There is serendipity in today’s prompt!  The ruby-throated hummingbird always makes its first appearance in my flower garden on or about July 25.  I plant many flowers to entice these tiny gems to come and stay for the rest of the summer.  Many of the flowers they love are bright red, like the lobelia.  I am blessed to have the hummingbirds visit me until the first week in October, when they fly south for the winter. The first one arrived right on schedule yesterday!


red light –

                       the hummingbird stops

      for the lobelia


      ©2013 Wabi Sabi

NaHaiWriMo prompt ‘ruby’


7 thoughts on “Ruby

    • I have kept a garden journal for many years and that is how I can figure out when things will happen! The flowers and birds keep a pretty tight schedule!!



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