Shells © 2013 WS

Shells © 2013 WS

Prompt ‘shell’ NaHaiWriMo

For  Recuerda Mi Corazon  ‘Haiku My Heart’†


14 thoughts on “Shell

  1. So beautifully expressed. I’ve been forgetting nahaiwrimo mostly because I’m not on FB as much. Slowing down a bit till totally off my sad pill. NEVER had withdrawal from any prescription med. Really bad stuff happens. lol. But it’s moving along.


    • There is a novel called ‘Still Alice.’ Reading it, one can see this tragic loss from the inside. It sounds like your grandmother could not bring her husband’s name to her lips but she still knew and remembered the love. While sad for those around her, it is a touching tribute to their love.



  2. oh, oh …
    with my mom’s Dementia
    she forgot her smallest great, grandchild’s name
    when taking her for drives
    she remembered every person
    who had ever lived in every house
    in her home*town …
    & the name of their dogs …
    life is so strange & wonderful
    i think
    for Which are the treasures

    really ??


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