dark night
closes in, stifling
the longing, hidden
in a forgotten room,
thoughts becoming
in silent unknowing,
while all sense of time
is driven
away, not thinking
what can possibly repair
this tear, this empty
for the slate sky
to announce
the moonrise.
©2013 Wabi Sabi

For The Sunday Whirl ‘ Wordle # 118’

17 thoughts on “Absence

    • There is always a moonrise or something to lighten the dark night – sometimes it is just an old night light in the hallway!



  1. Words softly gliding from the evening twilight into the blue grey sky awaiting nightfall!! What a riot to follow then!! Impressive outbursts in the sky!!


  2. “stifling the longing” is something I’ve done most of my life. I am slowly turning the longing away by doing what I’ve always wanted to do. The cool thing about being an adult is I don’t have to ask permission. The cool thing about being over 50 is I don’t care what anybody thinks.


  3. Does life begin at moonrise or 50…perhaps whichever comes first. As for Cheryl’s comment…I have never much worried about what anyone else thought if whatever I was doing felt right for me. 🙂

    Thank you for your visit to my wordle story verse. Brenda makes it easy…or maybe it is the other way around as I just use what she gives to continue my fantasy.


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