Compassion – For Carpe Diem



for parents an ocean away  – 

washing over me



©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ‘compassion’

Published by

Barbara Kaufmann

My blog -a poetic and photographic look at the world. Simple, imperfect, transient, present.

14 thoughts on “Compassion – For Carpe Diem”

    1. I felt great sympathy for the parents in India whose children were poisoned at school. It washed over me when I read the headlines this morning.



  1. Just learned of this asking hubby after reading your haiku. Thought at first this was the parents of grandbaby. Very sad. No reason for such senseless deaths. I always think some evil motive was behind it…targeting children. A world I know too well. You are a warm and very compassionate soul.


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