Haiku My Heart – In Love

I fell in love again last night.  He is so handsome, so pink, so perfect, so wonderful!  There is nothing quite like a newborn to melt one’s heart and soul. He surprised us by coming a few weeks early. However, he is healthy and I am feeling truly blessed and wildly in love this gorgeous day!  


a newborn

fresh from heaven

blesses us


His Mom and Dad opted not to learn his sex until the moment of his birth so this was a surprise to all of us as well!  One mystery solved and now they begin the mysterious dance of life and love and bonding.   


finding out

the old-fashioned way

she had a boy!


I am so in love – again! 

©2013 Wabi Sabi 

For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘haiku my heart’

For Carpe Diem ‘mystery’

30 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – In Love

  1. I saw this earlier today on my phone and am so happy for you. I’m still tickled pink I’m Grandma Maggie. Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. Nearby or long distance? We get photos every day…synched album for instant grandbaby images.


  2. Congratulations! So wonderful! There is nothing like a newborn for sure! You make me miss having a baby around! Great haiku too–that second one is my favorite–perfect!


  3. I’m familiar with that blessed feeling! Our family is awaiting a baby girl due in October. I love, love, love your first haiku, feeling blest is a gift.


  4. Very cool! Brings back memories. We never tried to find out what sex they would be. The surprise was that there was, as you describe, a miracle, from heaven. All good energy sent inn your direction.



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