new mother  – 

bonding with her baby

at three am


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Carpe Diem ‘sacrifice’


13 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I imagine that is a sacrifice…just choosing to have a child. But a loving sacrifice even if tiring and sometimes frustrating? Or should be. I don’t have children. Just wondering aloud. It sounds very loving.


    • Losing sleep was, for me, a big sacrifice! I love my bed! But eventually you get used to it -and you catch up when they go off to college!!



  2. This brought a smile. 🙂 My youngest, especially, was a terrible sleeper until he turned 3. Between him and his brother, it seemed like a decade of being sleep-deprived, and I am still catching up.


  3. I have no children but certainly recall all my mom’s sacrifices for her children, and I tried to repay her as she aged…I love these haiku that trigger memories and emotions,,,,


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