when pain enters the room

and noise  – like thick smoke,

climbs into the bed

with orders to distract and torment

the truth is, it’s impossible to pray;

when voices rudely shout

 setting off alarms somewhere behind the eyes

scaring the familiar silence away

you risk everything, even a tumble out the window

brimming, swimming with all your might

you try to listen

but all you hear is the brass band in your head,

 there is a great pressure where once there was equilibrium

 you are lost in the cacophony

    choking on your own words,

until a buttery sulphur, a-fluttering,

happens by your window

and wraps you in its prayer.


© 2013 Wabi Sabi 

For Sunday Whirl #116

20 thoughts on “Impossible

    • Thanks for commenting. I greatly appreciate your feedback! I did not think of the rising sun when I wrote this but it does work that way too. A yellow sulphur is (also) a lovely bright butterfly, fondly remembered from my childhood, but seldom seen anymore.



  1. I hear the brass band clang and the cacophony choking!! The end was like a balm very soothing!! Your poems are as good as your haiku!! Lovely thought processes!!


    • Thanks for your feedback on this poem. You are the second person to think I was referring to the sun (and I like that it can be read that way) The sulphur I was referring to is a lovely, very fluttery yellow butterfly which communicated silence to me… and comfort.



      • Wabi, You never know how a poem will be read, do you?

        I like the sunrise after a rough night.

        You poem also made me think of how I wanted to jump out of the window when I was in labor during the night with my first child . The pain took over the inside of my head. In this case a yellow butterfly may not have been enough to get ahead of it.

        All the best. I’m enjoying reading your poetry.



        • I’m so glad you could relate it to a painful experience. That is exactly what the poem is about and how tough it is to find that quiet center in the face of pain and fear. The butterfly is a metaphor for a profoundly moving experience I had while I was hospitalized. Thanks for reading and for your feedback!



          • Wabi. I’m glad you’ve been able to find meaning in difficulty and pain. I have t wait till I’ve been in the clear for a while before I can do that. I’m not so good in the middle of pain. I hope you’re better now.


  2. Wow! The wonder of this piece does not lie in the words provided. It lies in how well you have woven them into your work so seamlessly! I bow to your acumen, Wabi Sabi!


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