17 thoughts on “Haiku Heights – Fingerprint

  1. I can hear the mom asking the innocent baby ~ who dun it? and the culprit baby gurgling with innocent pleasure!! 🙂 I’m sure they were chocolaty!! 😉


  2. I had gifted a blank drawing book and colours to her bro’s son and he decorated the walls with his masterpieces and the book remained blank. Reminded me of the incident when I read the Haiku . very cute one.:)


  3. I’d like to say that your haiku brings back memories, but with the sweet smudgy fingers of my delightful great-granddaughter, I’m still experiencing the evidence of what you speak!


  4. i love the innocence of this haiku, and the memories of child rearing it evokes!

    here in Prescott, Az. this has been a devastating week to navigate. on friday after posting haiku my heart we went to the courthouse for the annual kiddie parade. nothing prepared us for the amazing honoring these children all came together to offer to our town. i redid my haiku page with photographs of the youngest of prescott offering their hearts as only children can. sunday standing outside on the road into prescott as each young man returned home was overwhelming in the enormity of loss striking so many families. it is heart warming to see our community come together in a force of love for all those torn apart by the enormity of loss. the courage and strength of the wives is humbling to say the least.


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