Tanka Whirl



  echo of geese

heard by an old climber

fallen rock rumbles

reminding him of their retreat

to a cabin of love

 wild island

 covered in velvet fog

 bridge to the summer sky

shrouded in pink and  gold

they followed the birdsong


crossing the meadow

a bird swoops back and forth

looking for her gift of seed,

when will it finally understand

she is not coming again?


a bend in the lane near the cabin

his foot suddenly unstable

he falters, looking up for an instant

the full moonlight flooding his heart

 with her essence


 ©2013 Wabi Sabi

For Sunday Whirl – words  for this week – meadow, bend, lane, unstable, bridge, island, fallen, rock, retreat, bird, bear, wild

For Poets United – ‘poetry pantry’

For Carpe Diem ‘free style’

34 thoughts on “Tanka Whirl

  1. Enjoyed especially the ‘crossing the meadow’ poem. I picture a bird looking for its mate who will not return…..

    Always nice to see you in Poetry Pantry.


  2. Portrays the struggles of a lonely heart heavily burdened with memories from the past!! He seems to visit his cabin of love to add color to his many faded dreams!!


  3. Beautiful , as one imagines the scene from your wonderful imagery and feels the poignancy. Really gorgeous writing. I so felt sad for the circling bird waiting for seed.


  4. Beautiful – the poignancy of remembering. The bright side to the piece is that he has those memories. He was loved. Lovely imagery.


  5. fallen rock rumbles
    reminding him of their retreat
    to a cabin of love

    Memories are good in many ways. They rekindle all the wonderful times. It makes one more alert after that. Brilliant take Wabi!



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