Sedoka – A Summer Love Poem


 the summer solstice

light lingers in the garden

 the moon adds a soft glow


your voice whispers

urgently calling my name

 night blooming flowers, one vine 


For d’Verse ‘The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love’

Sedoka is a Japanese unrhymed (love) poem consisting of 2 tercets with 5-7-7-5-7-7 syllables.


31 thoughts on “Sedoka – A Summer Love Poem

  1. and the scent, don’t forget the scent: I was just out for an hour and the mock orange and honeysuckle are overwhelming.
    Nice setting and I love the sand in your header.


  2. Very nice! I like the 5/7/7 form…

    searching for pencil
    I hear laughter in the rain
    filling boxes with numbers

    checking duplicates
    counting from zero to nine
    hand in hand with one I love

    It’s my Neil Sedaka Sudoku Sedoka


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