Sedoka – A Summer Love Poem


 the summer solstice

light lingers in the garden

 the moon adds a soft glow


your voice whispers

urgently calling my name

 night blooming flowers, one vine 


For d’Verse ‘The Princess’ Poem to Her Secret Love’

Sedoka is a Japanese unrhymed (love) poem consisting of 2 tercets with 5-7-7-5-7-7 syllables.


31 thoughts on “Sedoka – A Summer Love Poem

  1. ha, great last line…love the light lingering from the sun, perhaps to see its moon…and the night blooms…one vine…oo la la…ha….well played to form and solstice…


  2. and the scent, don’t forget the scent: I was just out for an hour and the mock orange and honeysuckle are overwhelming.
    Nice setting and I love the sand in your header.


    • I think I’ll do another one of these using the scent that is wafting through my porch at the moment -lavender! Thanks!



  3. Very nice! I like the 5/7/7 form…

    searching for pencil
    I hear laughter in the rain
    filling boxes with numbers

    checking duplicates
    counting from zero to nine
    hand in hand with one I love

    It’s my Neil Sedaka Sudoku Sedoka


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