12 thoughts on “Iris

  1. That little not-quite fledgling is awfully close to the ground, isn’t it? In this case, I’d say the iris bed is a dangerous place!


    • I observed a young robin for several hours this morning. It sit quietly near some day lilies and irises, not making a sound or moving much. I was just beginning to worry(because it was so exposed and close to the ground) when a parent arrived with a morsel of food. The young bird perked up and became very animated. The adult bird stayed nearby and only intervened if another bird came near. Every year I host sparrow, robin and oriole fledglings. They are fun to observe and they do seem very vulnerable, but the parents are usually nearby! Amazing.



  2. The iris is probably fluttering if it’s like the fledging in my yard waiting to be fed by mom ;-O Lovely. The birds feel very safe congretating. Usually they all fly off from an outside source of shadow or noise.


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