Whirl 113



moonshine tonight

a few stars

take the night off


hapless old man

stumbling over anything

in his path


one scoop of flour

she bakes his favorite cookies

melting his resolve


off limits

he hides his feelings

in a man cave


her favorite cup

shatters in his hand

bitter tea


after the wake

she longs to tell him

all about it


teenaged girls

trying for solemnity

suppress a giggle


a cut flower

falling from her hair

is forgotten


an old man

carrying both suitcases

lightens her load


in a single breath

a sense of the holy one

calms her fears


a new graduate

anxious to shed his childhood

splits for college


a curmudgeon

chattering about the old days

misses the sunrise


how crazy is she

the old one, listening still

to bee and frog song?


©2013 Wabi Sabi

For The Sunday Whirl ‘moonshine, anything, scoop, cave, shatters, wake, giggle, cut, load,sense,  splits, crazy, chattering’

Published by

Barbara Kaufmann

My blog -a poetic and photographic look at the world. Simple, imperfect, transient, present.

16 thoughts on “Whirl 113”

  1. Beautiful and enjoyed them all!! ………And sometimes the moon takes a day off too, and then the stars are all in!! 🙂 Hehehehe!! Still imagining how the buzz and croak would sound together!! 😉


  2. one scoop of flour
    she bakes his favorite cookies
    melting his resolve

    My favorite chapter of your delightful story. I used to bake cookies for my dad. I loved those “cookie smiles”.


    1. I guess my reference to graduation was confusing for YOU then. Hight school graduation (after 12th grade) is a big deal here. Most kids go to college (university) after that and they look forward to getting out from under their parents watchful eye. (Not always such a good thing!)



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