bomb the kids with lies

about junk food, prescription drugs,

gas-guzzling cars,

 send a shimmering, spewing

spill of thunder

from a thousand television jets ,

across the airwaves

and the internet

 bomb the kids with lies

right there in the park

 steps from where the boys play pick-up basketball

 a yard or two from the bench where the nannies rest,

 sell them dreams in clever shiny packages,

 the kids buy the whole deal,

no status updates

from the media boys

 they  bury the bombs on page twenty-five

 newsmen learn to curb

the instinct to go after the bad guys,

instead they prepare a dish of fluff

 to appease the bombers,

the gods who advertise

and bomb the kids with lies.


© 2013 Wabi Sabi

For the Sunday Whirl ‘park, page, yard, status, shimmering, spill, spewing, thunder, rest, curb, jets, steps.’

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