It was  just like him to send a note,
‘meet me at the stone slab,’
the place up in the woods where they first met
as teenagers hiding from life, smoking and acting cool,
but that was before they hatched their dream,
to save for an old car then take to the road
 to look for the real world, whatever that was,
‘I came to say good-bye,’ he said,
his timing left Esther without breath,
how could he drop the torch now,
after months of planning,
their vision still blazing in her head,
too hot to touch,
how could he decide on a different path
out of this God-forsaken town,
one that left her behind, to hover in a holding pattern
stuck at the five and dime?
He cut her down with one bleak word,
however opaque.

Turns out she had the bus fare
so she jumped the Greyhound early the next day,
and in the crush of  passengers, in the smell of humanity,
among folks with brown bags filled with egg sandwiches
and leftover meatloaf,
and snacks for the long ride,
she was on her way to somewhere.


©Wabi Sabi 2013

For Sunday Whirl ‘ slab, timing, breath, torch, vision, blazing, touch, cut, opaque, bleak, crush, nebulous, hover

19 thoughts on “Nebulous

  1. This is DEFINITELY a poem. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out as one expects….but I hope that the somewhere she is on the way to turns out to be a more positive journey in the long run!


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