a simple vow

she sings their love story

long and sweet


her voice – a drone

 whispering a lullaby

until he sleeps


an empty space

she sings of what might have been

in his arms


to comfort the dying

her silent presence chants

all night long


how she honors the sun

trilling a sing-a-long

with the birds


while binding wounds

she utters an ancient mantra

holy balm


how her lips

on the crook of his neck

croon softly


his anger circling

she sings to block out the truth

 her fate


clouds on the way

she hums a broken melody

until the storm passes


taking to her cave

she laments day and night

for what is lost


fist filled with notes

she murmurs a hymn of praise

for poetry


ten teeth missing

she burbles about old days

mouth wide open


©WabiSabi 2013

For the Sunday Whirl 108 – vow, drone, space, chants, sun, binding, crook, circling, broken, cave, fist, mouth.

17 thoughts on “Womensong

  1. Disturbing, unsettling, stoic, unfair, powerless but curiously loving in its depiction of her fate. Nobody is owned and I would hate to think that such a life could be accepted.


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