Bumblebee©WabiSabi 2013
Bumblebee©WabiSabi 2013


If the bees disappear will summer, as we know it,  disappear too?

The above haiga is my response to the prompt at Poetry Jam to write a poem about ‘bees.’ Also for the prompt ‘chariot’ at Carpe Diem

Some may recognize this photo as my WordPress gravatar.   Bees are pretty important to me and this photo has many layers of meaning for me, not the least of which is the importance of the bumblebee to our environment.

So be kind to a bee!  Plant some flowers and forget the insecticides!

27 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. …for me, summer can ne’er be complete without ’em…. they’re most anticipated to wander around & make the flowers shiver… smiles… i enjoyed your take… thanks… (:


  2. I fear the loss of honeybees as well. I have read several articles lately that frighten me and wrote on that subject. Your haiga is beautiful. I could see it, with the photo, framed and hanging on the wall as a reminder……


  3. This is a beautiful poem. Your question… if the food-crop pollinators go, so do we. New pesticides used in agribusiness (nicotine based) in minute concentrations cause neurologic damage to bees. The bees get confused and the hive dies. These have been outlawed in Europe but not in the U.S.


    • Thanks for your feedback, Alice. There are so many stories like that in the news. It is truly chilling and this is going on right before our eyes! The bat population has been decimated on the east coast in recent years and the most obvious result of this is a huge increase in the mosquito population. The bats and butterflies, birds and bees are the canaries in the mine but no one seems to care. Sad.



      • I’d noticed the vanishing of the bats at my house in Portland. When we bought that house in 1990 the evening air was filled with bats. They are gone. East coast, west coast. All one.


  4. They are winged chariots carrying new life with them. Beautifully captured as well as your story of their plight. My little garden attracts bees and butterflies ♥


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