My First Whirl



what is the charm

can you harness the atmosphere

fair weather?


the pulsing warmth

carries its own messages

of spring


a cold front

the sky spits its thunderous

light show


can you count

every star dressing the dark

in sparkles?


her red bean dish-

soup for a thousand hungry men

 fiery  repast


For Sunday Whirl ‘wordle 107’


17 thoughts on “My First Whirl

  1. Welcome wabi to the whirl and you have done wonders with the wordle words!! Glad to find you here at this place, and I continue to read your masterful and perfect haiku!!


  2. Well you put me to shame. This is beautiful. I didn’t visit the Teacher yet. His was the first haiku wordle I’d seen. Your first one. You were definitely born to write ♥


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