25 thoughts on “Magician

  1. dewdrops to diamonds…nice…there’s a field i pass on my way to work when i bike…and when the sun just rises, it’s like a field of diamonds on the dewy grass..pure beauty…


  2. lovely capture of a moment, but the magic of it as well….we need to keep that kind of awe at the world around us…the every day magic of nature and living…


    • The everyday magic of nature and living! You heard exactly what I wanted ‘my voice’ to say in this poem and perhaps in all of my poems! Thank you.



    • Thank you. That was the ‘voice’ I was hoping for….Zen-like, simple and quiet, and in awe of the present moment.



  3. Yes, the amazing gems that cannot last, and its full crystal clear beauty difficult to capture fully even with a camera — one can only admire and enjoy them for that moment. 🙂


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