Meeting Rumi’s Beloved


the stranger taps at the window, with an invitation,

fleeing my  warm bed, in the blue light of dawn

there I find Rumi’s Beloved

who wraps me in a quivering prayer,

I know you, I say,

Beloved also of Teresa of Spain,

resusitate me with your spirit breath,

enter my soul, breathe for me

I am yours, you are mine, Beloved,

massage my heart, until, in ecstasy

I can bear no more,

then let me rest in you, Beloved,

or surely I will die.


For Poets United ‘An Authentic Life’

19 thoughts on “Meeting Rumi’s Beloved

  1. “Please universal spirit, play music or something through me today.” Rumi. My favorite poet. We attended a reading by Coleman Barks a week or so ago.


  2. Not only do you do Rumi justice, but also you honor the prompt. This is sincere and love-filled, balancing and encouraging. Thank you for sharing it at Verse First.


  3. Rumi is one of my favourite poet’s and you wrote this really well in Rumi style. Seeking the Beloved is truly the desire of each heart and soul. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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