Don’t Lay Me Down

Oh, Mother mine
don’t lay me down  under the earth in spring,
I want to be here when your body softens,
opening again to light,
when you turn up solomon’s seal
to hug the ground and kiss the trillium
and dicentra bleeds and serenades in lipstick colors,
let me see  the hills covered with  forsythia
blooming wild and fine,
let me watch the myriad trees
jumping first into soft gold,
then going crazy with every shade of green,
let me hear the birds sing their April  song of love,
and let me glimpse once more the fat and fancy peonies
dancing on their  skinny stems,
let me live to inhale the first rugosa rose
perfumed ages past by fairies drunk on May wine,
I want to feel one more time gentle sunlight
as it passes overhead on its way to summer,
and feel again the rays that heal winter’s sorrow,
surely death can wait for another tomorrow,
oh,  Mother mine, don’t lay me down in spring.

©WabiSabi 2013

For Poets United “Poetry Pantry’

11 thoughts on “Don’t Lay Me Down

  1. That northern hemisphere summer you describe does sound worth hanging on for! (I can only imagine it.)


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