Happy Anniversary Chev !


at the wedding

a golden chain of blossoms

binds bride to groom


©WabiSabi 2013


For Carpe Diem ‘Chev’s Golden Tree’


9 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Chev !

    • Good observation! The ‘golden chain’ is a reference to the tree mentioned in the prompt. I tried to weave it into the poem. Thanks for reading and commenting, Alice.


      • Oh yes. I love the golden chain tree. Sorry I missed it. I’d been submerged in writing an Ode to Hephaestus all morning. He’s the Greek God of the forge. I could only think of metal.


  1. Thank you WabiSabi for the congratulations and thank you for this gift packed in a haiku which I unpacked with joy. That ‘golden chain’ … yes that it is and I love to be chained to my beautiful wife ’til death does us part.


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