19 thoughts on “Supper

  1. Wonderful haiku written on what we call ‘Goede Vrijdag’ (Good Friday) on the Last Supper of the Lord. Wonderfully done, such a different take on this prompt. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.


        • That does sound sort of sacrilegious when you put it that way. I was being a bit obscure, I guess. Although I know grapes were the source of wine at the Last Supper, I was making a reference to the fact that dandelion is considered a purifying herb and, since the prompt WAS dandelion, I went with my comment, which seems a bit flippant in retrospect. The Master served something purifying all right, but it wasn’t dandelion wine. 🙂 Thank you for reading my poems and commenting. You always challenge me to clearer thinking and writing!.



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