Haiku My Heart – Open

the heart holds many things –
joy and sorrow sit together  –
nestled… inseparable
within the depths of each of us.
when we are privileged to hold
another’s suffering
the heart can feel as though it may burst…
but somehow it makes room……
and this space feels  sacred,
  indeed, it is sacred
coming, as it does,
 from the divine within us.

Grand Rounds

gods in white coats
walk up and down the hall
selling hope
the nurse’s hand
on his broken neck
sweating profusely
the needle slips in
carrying him from pain
to oblivion
the  sound
after the last breath
sigh of relief
renders her tongue useless
brain stormed
flying manic
look ma – no hands
high wire act

his appointment
tethered to dialysis
three times a week
close your eyes
walk  fifteen minutes
 in my blind shoes
 dont leave
this dreadful pain
alone with  me
what day is it?
do you know where you are?
who is president?
ninety- five 
fit as a farmer in spring
new pacemaker
new diagnosis
an ovarian monster
she doesn’t cry
through the windshield
pupils fixed and dilated
 first grader
which words
explain X-ray results
to stricken parents?
gods in white coats
walk up and down the hall
begging for hope
©WabiSabi 2013

For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘Haiku My Heart’

22 thoughts on “Haiku My Heart – Open

  1. Whether the “gods in white coats are selling or begging for hope, they try to find what it takes to cope with all these different kinds of pain and malaise, a powerful epic haiku to be sure,,,


  2. After 7 heart attacks, 2 bypass surgeries, blood clots lodged inn my heart, congestive heart failure and a pacemaker of my own, your words here today struck thoughtful memories in me, reminding me to be conscious of why I am still amongst the living.



    • Hi Spadoman,
      Thank you for your comments. This poem is still a work in progress. It is an effort to describe the healing that flows FROM the people who come to the ‘gods in white coats’ seeking healing. I wanted to honor those people and acknowledge the blessings I received and still receive from them. People who are seemingly bruised and broken, sick and dying, often have no idea of the effect their lives can have on others!
      I am not sure that my poem achieves this yet. But I will keep trying.
      Having read your blog many times, I have no doubt that blessings and love flow from your heart to all who meet you. You are still amongst the living for the same reason we all are – to live…. and love….until you die!
      Peace and thank you for sharing!


  3. Powerful stuff. I think it is among our important jobs on this planet now to bring the love, hope, and human life back to those “gods in white coats” and their processes. Let the healing begin…
    Light and love to you !


  4. you are so right, there are intentional gifts we strive to offer to the ones around us, and there are the profound gifts we have no idea we have bestowed on others just by living our truths. your haiku are powerful and haunting.


  5. Lots of nerves being touched here, WabiSabi. I lived the consequences of a stroke for over two years, with my mother. Body mainly healed. Tongue was lost. Such times can tear people apart. I like to think we found new ways to communicate and that drew us closer before her death.


  6. Wow – this post takes one to so many places…like Scrooge’s ghosts, and leaves you breathless from the human experience.

    One of the reasons I love the Haiku form is that when done well, one is able to express so much in so few words…it is poetry for an easily distracted world. Made for Memes.

    You, my fellow haiku traveller, have to my mind mastered the art form. Bravo and thank you 🙂


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