Haiku My Valentine Heart


two lovers

toast the early days

with aged wine




There is a Certain Comfort

In my dream of you
        we are walking on  the beach of our youth,
        the ocean smells of brine, recalling that other day
        when two  eighteen year-olds first fell into step, noticing
        there was  a certain comfort in the silence that walked with us.
It knit us together like pieces of that old quilt in the attic,
        the whole of us being so much more
        than the you and the me.
 I hear your loyal heart, slow and steady,  keeping time
        with the waves caressing the distant shore.
 We come to the place where I first looked into your brown eyes
        that hot August day years and  years ago,
        when I knew you weren’t like the other boys
        who looked,  but never into my eyes.
I saw a gentleness in your glance
        that  contradicted the strength  in your broad shoulders
        and from the moment it began,
        there was a certain comfort in the silence that walked with us.
It turned out that your shoulders were wide enough
        to lift a girl not yet born, lift  her to that September morning
        when we birthed each other into the astonishing mystery of love.
Yes, you could lift cast iron radiators and move tons of soil,
        but it was the way you cuddled   the  newborn 
        who couldn’t get comfortable in her own skin
        and your  football -carry that lulled her  to a perfect touchdown,
        and the way you carried your dying mother to the bathroom
        saving her the indignity of the bedpan –
         you walked with her and never turned your face away,
        that showed me your real strength,
        and always,  there was a certain comfort in the silence that walked with us.
In my dream of you,
        we still walk on  the beach of our youth 
        carrying those two eighteen year olds with us. 
Sometimes  our vision is dimmed by  misty fog 
        that threatens to push us off course.
There are storms that buffet and toss us 
        but the wind always dies, 
        and  in the stillness I find refuge in your quiet  gaze, still on me
        and I need only look again into your eyes
        to see the boy of my dreams.
And always,  there is a certain comfort in the silence that walks with us.
©WabiSabi 2013

For Recuerda Mi Corazon ‘Haiku My Heart’


20 thoughts on “Haiku My Valentine Heart

  1. This is deep and rich with narrative flow and imagery. And my husband asks could I write him something a bit like this. But we didn’t meet till our thirties and he’d already cared for his dying father. Computer nerd and debt-ridden psychiatrist burst into flames at Uncle Chen’s while talking about the which of the Doctor Who’s we liked the best.

    Happy VT day.


  2. I am touched by the depth of your words…the inherent beauty of a deep and lasting love…the strength and gentleness that often walk hand in hand…as you two have over the years. I’m blown away with the beauty and sweetness of your post today.


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