That’s My Boy!


little leaguer

hits the ball out of the park

beaming dad


©WabiSabi 2013

Haiku Heights  ‘pride’

Published by

Barbara Kaufmann

My blog -a poetic and photographic look at the world. Simple, imperfect, transient, present.

19 thoughts on “That’s My Boy!”

  1. Takes me back forty plus years when my son was an avid ball “player” as a toddler.
    He played all the positions, … except at times I played pitcher and catcher…he had a marvelous time til his little legs tired. He rest and start all over ! Eventually there was Little League…and the cheering continued my Mom and Dad…thanks for a memory jogger haiku !


  2. Our munchkins were involved with a few sports. Earn some letters too. ‘Dad’ even tried coaching. But parents who insist their children play for them instead of themselves often ruin the sport. This haiku however shows a gentle side and respectful side, I think.


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