Is That Birdsong I Hear?


no birdsong today

just a winter melody

icicles drip, drip


©WabiSabi 2013


For Carpe Diem ‘birdsong’

For Small Stones  Day 30



21 thoughts on “Is That Birdsong I Hear?

  1. Wabi. I enjoy your skill at capturing a moment every day with your small stones. I got to have the experience of icicles dripping here in the sun. I was just telling my husband about your small stones on our walk this morning. And here is another one when I return. You’ve done it again. Another lovely glimpse into your reality. Thanks.


  2. Serenity and beauty with a hint of sadness or longing in there. The spirit of wabi-sabi is indeed in this haiku. Well done!


Thank you!

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