8 thoughts on “Smokin’ Stone

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. I’m 17, and I have to say, this is an accurate depiction of many of the kids in my high school trying to look cool.

    I remember in 8th grade, I saw a peer of mine walking around the mall pretending to smoke Smarties rolls. He’d crush them a bit, inhale through the ripped end, and blow out a haze.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed my haiku and thought it was an accurate portrayal of teen behavior. I was trying to convey the idea of ‘exhaling’ a warm breath into the icy cold air, which was how we pretend ‘smoked’ when I was a youngster(quite a few years ago) It is too bad, though, that kids still see smoking as cool. It isn’t cool at all. I am very busy today but I want to explore your blog when I have a few moments. It looks very interesting and extremely well written. Thank you for reading my poem.


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