Winter Reeds

Winter Reeds©WabiSabi 2013
Winter Reeds©WabiSabi 2013

winter reeds bend  

in west-to-east blowing wind

reaching for  the rippled dunes ,

unchanged from year to year 

the dunes watch the seasons go and come

waiting , waiting  to receive the battered reeds

when to the moaning wind,  they succumb.

an old couple walks the boardwalk 

bending in  west -to -east blowing wind,

they watch the  strippling clouds 

moving west -to-east with the breeze.


huddled against the sandstone wall

sheltered from the blowing gale, 

they drink tea, 

warm  each other’s hands

and laugh at passing gulls,

he points out white -caps

and  the ships on the ocean swell

they talk about  small things, 

like old marrieds do,

how early the mailman comes these days

and whether or not the children will visit

on Easter Sunday this year,

and how they own the beach

whenever the biting wind blows through.

do they ever wonder  

how many more winters 

they will share the dunes

 watch the sky 

and walk the beach from west to east 

bending to the island’s blowing winds?

and do they ever wonder

  who will be first to yield 

to the patient  waiting dunes,

and who will be left 

to bear the wind alone?

©WabiSabi 2013

Shared with Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub


11 thoughts on “Winter Reeds

  1. Like the nature scenes here, weeds, dunes and wind ~

    A sad reality that can happen to old married couples ~ But I know an uncle and aunt who died months within each other, after many years of together; some say the last one died of a broken heart ~


  2. oy to even think o n bearing those days alone…i love the gentle intimacy you paint the couple with and how you set them up with the reads early on…oy but the ending, i dont like to think on…smiles.


  3. So tender and loving… you have captured such a relished thing… contentment growing old together… I do always wonder about who might go first and such…


  4. I have tears for this! They will want to be the first to go, each of them, and the dunes too, none wanting to be left holding this perfect picture. Thank you for capturing it.


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