December 14, 2012

punch in the stomach
knocked clear across the room
 struggle to inhale
heart dragged along 
this tortuous, familiar road
bleeding, broken
 mind numb
questions with no answers
can’t wrap around it
words turn to ashes  
live embers in my mouth
 choking tears
 the soul longs
to  erase the horror
protect the babies
 tied in knots
powerless to console
the inconsolable.
 cannot change what is past
what about the future?

   Friday’s events invaded my thoughts this weekend, pushing all else aside.

37 thoughts on “December 14, 2012

  1. Eloquent and heartfelt…takes my breath away reading it.
    Just came from church, where a young boy, Kjell, turned 7 today and we sang Happy Birthday.
    Innocent of the world events.and carefree. So tiny (and he’s tall for his age) and vulnerable.
    Thank you…one for the book of memories and meaningful poems I keep.


  2. So very true that realization cannot change what is past…..and for sure, have we / has the world learned anything for the future. A strong poem here. One of the best I’ve read that deals with the recent tragedy.


  3. You have captured the horror well. I wouldnt change a word. A horrible event and your question is an important one, that needs an answer. I always hate the words “so this never happens again.” Because the words alone wont make it so.


  4. there is a breathless restlessness in the lines, produced by the harrowing events, which conveys our sense of clueless dismay about how many more of these are waiting to erupt.the poem is a grim success.


  5. ah… a powerful poem. I’m trying to work on a piece and I feel so sad and horrified and your words touched me deeply… it’s like you’re speaking directly to my heart. I was even questioning why I wanted to try to write about this and your poem answered the question.


  6. you are courageous to sit writing. so emotional. i move one moment to the next and the enormity of loss is in every step i take. thank you for being here today as a voice of grief, for truly we must grieve and better together than alone. thank you too for ending on a note of responsibility to the future, its been a long time coming.


  7. I am so grateful that you shared this, just as raw as it is, it is true and real and from your heart. Nothing could polish this into something that it is not, grief, despair, helplessness, and with that final breath, hope… thank you.


  8. It’s so hard for the heart to accept and come to terms with, I cannot imagine how those parents and family there are going to cope. This needs to end and the politicians need to make new laws to help end it by not making guns so freely available.
    Heart felt, sad, sickening.


    • That, of course, but we also need to provide better care for the mentally ill and turn off the constant barrage of what passes for news. This epidemic across our nation has multiple complex causes. All need to be addressed for us to get relief from this plague. Thank you for your comments!


  9. The soul longs to…protect the babies. You’re right, this is the natural way of things, protect the babies, protect the children, protect those less fortunate.
    Well said, my friend.


  10. This is hard-hitting and carries real intensity. Especially the lines:
    the soul longs
    to erase the horror
    protect the babies… I’m sure we would all like to turn back time on this incident.

    Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.


  11. Reading this puts us back there. You really capture that feeling of hearing such horror. You are right:

     mind numb
    questions with no answers
    can’t wrap around it


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