24 thoughts on “Storm Over the (Holy) See

      • I meant the font size in the picture — it is too small.
        In my world (medicine), women have grabbed their place at the table already and it keeps expanding. I am very glad for that.

        BTW, your comments on my blog ended up in the spam — I took them out. Thanx for commenting!


        • I am teaching myself how to produce a haiga, using the program I have and I’m never sure how it will actually look on the blog until I publish it. Thanks for your comments I appreciate all the feedback.Thank you for visiting!


      • I use WordPress too. It is fairly easy to check.
        Write your post. Include the image,
        Then click “save draft”
        Then click “preview post”
        If the photo doesn’t look like you like it (or the post layout), then fix the photo, delete the old one, and upload the new one.
        Hope that helps you.


  1. Interesting haiku. Sorry folks.. hell will freeze over before women will become priests. They can demand what they like..Catholicism is not run on popular request so it is is never going to happen.
    There is always Protestanism for those so inclined.


  2. A great poem addressing a contemporary issue:
    In this world of social, if not religious emancipation, I can just imagine every self-respecting catholic woman leading her man from the church to an alternative.

    ‘Scripture demands male leadership in the church’! Given that creation all over the planet emanates from the female form, I dare say (as a male) that it might be a little conceited to think of the God – who welcomes all that would welcome him – allegedly stipulating that the shepherding of his flock must be led by males. But then I find it hard to comprehend that ‘he’? would stipulate that worship must be done in a specific building too.


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