The road is curved,
slant light
obscures the view
silent companion
holds a wrinkled hand
old love sparkles
still boy to her girl,
they skip across the bridge
playing at love, seriously
his smile
unwraps her heart
like a rosebud.
belly rises and falls
skin spun silk
sleeping baby.
grandchild giggles,
gives birth
to grandparents
bouncing ball
laughing children
hot sidewalk
cold and delicious
peach ice cream drips
down the arm
thunder roars
lighting the sky
electric rain
fog around the edges
softens pain
early light
reflects purple clouds
in a puddle
hovering dove
wings shudder
cooing mate
mid-summer heat
screaming cicada
toad listens.
stillness calls
to inner space
soul at peace
her Martha side
sits with her Mary side
just to be with God
March, march heart
make outrageous music
now… and now… and now.
A compass points
the path is all detour
 to the gift of now.
©WabiSabi 2012
Shared with Poets United ‘bridge’

20 thoughts on “Presents/Presence

  1. Well, I enjoyed all of these….but my favorite was this one:

    her Martha side
    sits with her Mary side
    just to be with God

    Reason being I was named after this Mary, but I often think I am more the Martha being sure that stuff gets done. Smiles. Nice write all around.


  2. I enjoyed all the verses…one by one by one…then I came to this one and it stood out amongst the others for me::
    her Martha side
    sits with her Mary side
    just to be with God

    Thank you for sharing…


  3. I love the stillness in this…

    “early light
    reflects purple clouds
    in a puddle”

    and in your work I see that the bridge is the stillness…I really enjoyed so much about all of these…especially the imagery in the one above. 🙂


    • Thank you for your observations. You are so right. This poem is about stillness as the bridge to the present moment. I don’t usually do prompts because it takes me such a long time to ‘understand’ what it is I want to say. And I am a slow writer. I appreciate your kind words. I plan to do some rewriting on this poem or change the title.


      • Actually…your title struck me with serendipity because I’ve been on the topic mentally and in one poem I wrote of this very smae recently…I know what you mean about time…poems can be long in the birthing sometimes…But in these sometimes the deeper meaning is brought forward…the kind that you must work for and that your reader must work for but in the end the AHAA moment is the ultimate reward. I like you poem! 🙂


        • Thank you for responding. Something else struck me after I replied to you. I used a haiku -like structure for this poem although many of the verses are haiku in spirit only. I am wondering if the spaces between each verse (the stillness or silence) are the bridges to the next ‘moment.” And yes you are so right..birthing a poem is often like delivering a baby.


          • My pleasure! Oh, I like that…the spaces between…so symbolic of the bridge of stillness. Very nice realization there. So neat because I often write haiku as of late especially and for this particular prompt I strung some haiku together but I normally don’t do that…neat synchronicity. I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂


  4. “still boy to her girl”

    What an utterly sweet line. I know of an old couple that walk hand in hand on the bike path… must be over 80. This line fits them perfectly… 🙂


  5. This poem is so loaded and appeals to every sense. You’d really have to be in the now to be aware of it all. I can’t even pick a favorite, because in the now you love everything.


  6. I read it again..and it is gorgeous~ You have such a delicate way to guide your imagery 😀
    Lovely @>—————
    Lesson learned…I can’t read poems when I have a sinus headache!
    Glad I came back~ ;D


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