The  bird’s reflection
flickers in the waning light
an instant before it crashes
into the window
and dies.

Are her tears for the bird
lying on the cold ground below,

or for the sparrow of her heart,

the one who bolts
along the highway,
demons  on board,
 hurtling, careening,

banging her head 
on bridges 
and stanchions,

never slowing down

for love or money
but always managing
to kick up a dust storm
and come to a stop
just before the  mortal blow?

So far.

The winter sun

retreats on crutches,
toward the western sky,
taking tears with it,
bouncing them off the glass window
with the soft rushing clouds,

an instant before
their reflection

fades and dies.
©2012 WabiSabi
Shared with Poets United

21 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I like how the sparrow dies and she cries but you wonder if her tears are for the sparrow or for something else… something more. Very enlightening.. and revealing..


  2. sometimes the sadness one feels for one loss triggers the sadness of other losses, I think. At least this is what i have experienced. a thoughtful write.


  3. This has such stark and lovely images… the demons on board as well as the winter sun retreating on crutches… I really liked that line., I also liked how you posed the question… are her tears for the bird only?


  4. And a few small feathers settle slowly, awkwardly, later. We all have our own windows to avoid. Beautifully captured.


  5. The sun retreating on crutches is my favorite line for some reason. Perhaps because sunsets are always so sad to me. This is beautiful. Love the idea of avoiding the crash. There’s a lot to this poem. You write so well.


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